Chianti is a favourite holiday destination for Italians and a farmhouse (agriturismo) holiday is the best choice for total relaxation and good food.

Post COVID Italy has chosen to rise up by rebooting local tourism and disdaining travel abroad. COVID is frightening; Italy is a popular holiday destination for people all over the world, so why can’t we Italians enjoy it, too?

It’s better to stay within our borders and savour the beauty on a lovely Tuscan holiday farm.

After lock down, Italians are choosing an agriturismo holiday, here’s why:

  • Italy is at the top of the list as far as prevention and anti COVID safety measures are concerned
  • Relaxation and fine living reigns on a holiday farm
  • The farm is surrounded by nature, which regenerates and reduces accumulated stress
  • You can try typical “farm-to-table” products, such as some good Chianti and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO)
  • And, why not, it’s a good way to actively contribute to our country’s revival.

“It has been a real change for us this year, we’ve had bookings from many Italians (especially from the North), who are looking for an alternative to the sea and the mountains,” Elena Bendinelli explains, from Agriturismo Fattoria Santo Stefano in Greve in Chianti. “It is a first for many families: from playing in the pool with their children to reading a book in the shade of an ancient tree. Many young people are also interested in enotourism. On our farm, you can actually taste our wines, as well as high quality farm-to-table products, or even venture out to explore our beautiful Chianti region.”

With particular attention to COVID regulations, the farm actually reserves specific areas to each guest, with poolside umbrellas and deck chairs designated to each apartment.
After months of inactivity due to lock down, Italy itself is responsible for allowing Chianti to restart, choosing it as a place of relaxation and fine living for a holiday break. The Italians who have chosen to stay within the borders of “the Boot” have set their sights on Greve in Chianti as an outdoor destination, in full Made in Italy style.